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OU Comes To You

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This web tool was built for the Oakland University Undergraduate Admissions department to provide a way to schedule and list all of their upcoming school admissions visits. The tool allows users to filter all scheduled visits by Type, state, city, month and adviser name.

For this project I was tasked with finding a quick, low cost solution to allow average users to input and manage all of the visits easily. This tool utilizes the Google Sheets API to connect to a google spreadsheet and pull down the data entered by users in the Undergraduate Admissions department. This allows any user with access to the spreadsheet to easily add/edit/remove visits as needed.

The tool is mobile-responsive and allows users to digest the data in table format on desktop and a more linear scrolling view of the same data on mobile. It was built using JavaScript/JQuery and is integrated directly into the CMS.  

*Note, the tool currently has significantly reduced data as visits have mostly been cancelled due to the pandemic.